We are proud to provide a service that's always personal.  Here's what our clients say about working with Everyday Writes:


I would recommend Everyday Writes writing and proofreading services without any hesitation. I turned to them for very last minute help with my dissertation and an academic application form. They replied to me very quickly on both occasions. The work - to make sure my grammar, spelling and syntax were all tidy and correct -bumped up my final grade a good few marks. I appreciated the suggestions and feedback provided within the main body of the text wherever they thought of a slightly better choice of words to make it clearer, etc. I learnt a lot from the process and have remained mindful of the mistakes I tend to make in my subsequent academic and professional work. I’d give Everyday Writes 10 out of 10.
— Malgosia, BSc (Hons), University of Edinburgh
We asked Everyday Writes to create two substantial writing resources for our students. One was quite a discursive and persuasive piece, looking at the importance of academic writing in the visual arts, and creativity in academic writing. Another was a more technical guide to proofreading, tailored to our educational approach and ethos. We chose Everyday Writes for their dual expertise in creative and academic writing, for their understanding of the art school context, and for their clear, engaging prose style. Everyday Writes quickly understood our intentions and worked collaboratively with us through several rounds of drafting and feedback. They researched the project very thoroughly, were responsive to communications, implemented feedback and met deadlines throughout. We’re very pleased with the resulting resources, which address challenging specialist subjects with the warmth, enthusiasm and intelligence that is characteristic of Everyday Writes’ work.
— S. McSorley, University-wide Academic Support, University of the Arts London
Instead of spending my spare time reading other people’s stuff, I now feel motivated to get on with my own writing. The course gave me the skills and perspective to better edit my work and the confidence to submit it. More than that, though, I feel like I’ve re-gained the spark that made me want to put pen to paper in the first place.
— Amelia, Creative Writing Mentoring course
Towards the end of writing my dissertation I was quite stressed and the document was so large I found myself skim reading it and not being able to pick up on any mistakes in my grammar. I was concerned that I would be marked down for grammar and spelling. They were extremely helpful and read through and gave many corrections and tips. The corrections were well organised and very easy to understand and change. They sent me my document back a lot quicker than I would have expected. I would highly recommend Everyday Writes for proofreading and would certainly use them again.
— Catriona, BA (Hons), Northumbria University
I have just completed Everyday Writes’ creative writing mentoring course. For the first time in years, I feel happy with my short stories. I signed up because I just couldn’t seem to find time for writing in my daily life and this short course seemed like something I could realistically commit to. It helped to shift my mindset and was the perfect combination of practical advice, knowledgeable guidance and good old-fashioned hard graft!
— John, Creative Writing Mentoring course