Everyday Writes Services
Proofreading, Copywriting & Creative Writing Metoring
Services for Writers, Students & Independent Business

Everyday Writes is a one-stop shop for affordable writing services in Edinburgh and online. We offer proofreading, copywriting and mentoring for writers, students and business owners.



Everyday Writes wants to support people from all backgrounds to lead a creative life through writing, whatever shape that takes for you.

Our experienced, professional writers provide tailored one-to-one mentoring courses for fiction writers (short stories, novels and everything in between) in person or online, at a pace that best suits the way you work.

We aim to help writers bring their work out into the world, creating opportunities to work with other writers on accessible, dynamic and interesting projects.



We offer a reliable, affordable and fast proofreading service for fiction, academic essays/ dissertations and commercial text.



We specialise in working with independent businesses to create commercial copy for websites and promotional products, ensuring a clear, consistent and accurate style that reflects your business.